Learn About Getting Points for Giving Us a Review

There are a few ways to earn Salvy points outside of making a purchase on our website. Anytime you do any of the following actions email us at "Email Customer Service". Use the form and make sure to include your full name and email address. In the comments section explain what review action you took. We will manually add your Salvy Points and send you an email confirmation. 

Point Distribution for Giving Us a Review or Making a Facebook Review Post

  • Give us a Google Review: 75 Salvy Points -- a $6.00 value.
  • Give us a Review on "See What You Send": 25 Salvy Points -- a $2.00 value.
  • Post a "See What You Send" Review on Facebook: 50 Salvy Points -- a $4.00 value.

How to Give a Google Review

You must have a Gmail account to give a Google review. There are two ways to give Salvy the Florist a Google Review. The first is through See What You Send. When you give us a See What You Send review a one-time reminder email with the subject line "Reminder: Please Give Us a Google Review" is sent to you three days after a purchase. There is a link in the email for you to give us a Google review.

The other way to give us a Google review is to go to the Salvy the Florist Google Page and click on the Google Reviews link. 

How to Give a See What You Send Review

We send a photo with every order. When you receive the photograph for your order there is the ability to give a See What You Send customer review. Give us a review and we'll give you Salvy Points. Your review is automatically posted here.

How to Post a See What You Send Review on Your Facebook Page

Be logged into your personal or business Facebook page. Go to our See What You Send Review Page. The page is here. Find your review. Click on the Facebook Share Button under the photo of your review. A popup box appears with your review. Write a comment, allow the post to be seen by your friends or the public, and share on your timeline by hitting the "Post on Facebook" button.